Our Story

Meet the Crouse Family

We have made hundreds of balls for coaches and young athletes over the last several years for teams and families across the United States, Canada, Australia, England and other countries.

Our sports balls catch the memories of a great season in a coach’s or child’s life as well as support youth sports programs.  Also, they make great gifts beyond the playing field.  We make sports balls for weddings, birthdays, holidays, celebrations, retirement, in memory of a loved one, anniversaries, marriage proposals, birth announcements, and many, many more occasions. We love designing the balls because each one is so unique.  Customers have free reign over how they want the ball designed which makes them a one-of-a-kind gift.  We can put the individual, team, and/or multiple pictures on a ball along with stats, team schedules, team logos, graphics, and anything else a customer would want.

Our business gives us the opportunity to meet wonderful people that otherwise we would never have met.  To find out more about Get on the Ball Photos you can visit our  Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy sites.